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Process2control mission is to open the power of Neural Networks,

a building block of AI, to Engineers in all process industries.


Because Engineers experience data overload.
Because first principle process models are difficult to produce.
Because the combination of AI and Engineers together produce better results.
Because interfacing AI with industrial processes has been difficult and expensive.
Because AI reduces data analysis workload on Engineers.
Because AI allows Engineers to peer into the future.


By recognizing industrial processes typically use a subset of AI possibilities, simplifying the integration.
By leveraging Historical data to train a Neural Network to Model a dynamic process, linear or non-linear.
By creating AI training tools that produce data centric models.
By creating a Modbus TCPIP I/O interface for control systems integration.
By providing a method to simulate model performance offline before going online.
By providing documentation enabling external training programs to be used.
By exhaustive product testing.


A window’s based AI server capable of:

Handling multiple AI models simultaneously.
Control execution time on individual Model Basic Processing Cycles.
Manually entered override process variable values.
Trends of process Inputs and Model Outputs.
Modbus TCP/IP connectivity.
Alarm generation to control system for operator action.
Run/ Stop model processing from the control system.
Multiple projects with multiple Models with multiple Inputs.
Providing forward looking predictions.
Allowing limits and constraints.
Step by step graphical documentation.

Process2control, LLC was started in 2013 as a Model Base Control and

neural network research company focused on the process control industry.  

Neural network have the ability to model complex processes,

monitor existing processes, and extract data that is significant to your objective.

This ability is built on data, your data, for a customized solution.


Validate and test solutions before implementation

Process2control, LLc



p&id REVIEW  to integrate
model based controls and instruments  WITH your control platform.


Identifying the key variables in your process